Orion Aircraft


Choose your factory built Ready To Fly aircraft OR homebuild kit.


Standard Orion Cub kit

$29 000

The Standard kit includes everything needed to complete the build. Excluding engine, propeller, avionics and associated accessories.


Quick Build wings option

$5 000

Quick build wings are complete riveted with control surfaces built, fitted and travels set.


Quick Build kit

$39 000 

The quick build kit consists of a complete firewall back assembly including quick build wings.


Advanced Quick Build kit

$49 000

Complete assembly of the aircraft and standard paint scheme painted.

Ready to install engine, propeller and avionics.


Factory built- Ready To Fly

From $92 000

Turn Key factory built Orion Cub. Contact us for options and pricing

Engine options:

Rotax 100hp – 155hp

Lycoming/Titan 115hp-200hp

UL power 118hp-200hp

Avionics options:

Dynon HDX EFIS System

Garmin G3X EFIS System

Kanardia Nesis EFIS System

Analogue gauges 

Optional Extras:

Carbon fiber Package
Flush riveted wing surfaces
27″ Bushwheels
Rear seat brakes
LED Nav/strobe and landing lights

*Prices exclude VAT and may change due to currency fluctuation, contact us for an official quotation.


Standard Features of the Orion Cub

– Welded 4130 chromoly steel airframe
– Covered and painted to high aviation standards
– Steerable tailwheel with a shock absorber
– Dual control sticks and Rudder pedals
– Electric pitch trim
– Modern instrument panel layout
– Large baggage area with a door for easy access
– Lightweight and strong Carbon fiber seats
– 4130 steel Bush landing gear with Shocks
– Large 21” tires with a dual piston hydraulic brakes
– Extruded aluminium I beam wing spars

– CNC cut and bent 6061-T6 Aluminium wings
– Streamlined Aluminium lift struts.
– 126 liters fuel capacity in wing tanks.
– Flush riveted wing surfaces.
– Large slotted flaps for STOL performance.
– Dual control sticks, rudders and throttle.
– Signature Orion cub machined rudder pedals
– Merchandise kit
– First 5 hours of conversion training included
– 2 nights Backcountry trip to Zuikerkop lodge


– Pre-welded 4130 chromoly steel airframe
– Landing gear attachment structures welded in
– No welding required by the builder
– Welded Aluminium frame doors and window
– Elevator and flap controls push-pull tubes
– Rudder and aileron 3 mm stainless steel cables
– Dual control sticks
– Dual throttle controls
– Electric pitch trim and associated hardware
– Cockpit floorboards are CNC pre-cut
– Aluminium and composite boot cowl
– Fuel system including strainers and selector
– Firewall – 0,7mm stainless steel
– Composite engine cowl with NACA ducts
– Baggage door
– Covering system to complete the airframe
– Front and rear seat belts
– Moulded acrylic windshield, windows and roof
– Windshield to wing cuffs
– 2 x carbon fiber seats
– Blank Instrument panel
– All standard hardware included


– 4130 steel Bush landing gear with Shocks
– Wheels and powerful dual piston hydraulic brakes
– 2 x large 21/800×6 tubeless tires
– Front brake master cylinders
– Steerable Matco tailwheel with shock
– Signature Orion Cub machined rudder pedals


– Extruded aluminium I beam wing spars.
– CNC cut and bent Aluminium wing skins and ribs
– Streamlined Aluminium lift struts
– 2x 63 liter Fuel Tanks 
– Fuel fittings and fuel valves
– Cable and pulley system for ailerons
– Composite wingtips
– Pitot tube installation hardware
– Large slotted flaps for STOL performance.
– All standard hardware included